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KS Hostel-Berchtesgaden Hygiene concept

Managing Director: Klaus Satra

represented by the managing director and commissioned: Albert Bortun
Creator of the concept: Peter Rieß

The hygiene concept must be implemented daily as listed below!

Basic regulation:

  • Observance of the distance regulations of 1.5 m in all common areas including the sanitary facilities as well as when entering and leaving the premises and on corridors, hallways, stairs and outside. Applies to guests and employees.
  • Landlords, employees and guests must wear a mouth-and-nose cover in communal areas. Landlords and statt must wear a mouth-and-nose cover in all rooms where guests are present.
  • Persons who have had contact with COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days and persons with unspecific general symptoms are expressly excluded from a stay.
  • At check-in, contact between the landlord and his staff on the one hand and guests on the other hand, as weil as haptic contact with commodities (e.g. pens, registration forms) will be limited to what is necessary. The pens must be cleaned and disinfected after each use.
  • The cleaning of the guest rooms may only take place in the absence of the guests.


  • Correct and regular hand washing
  • Hourly cleaning of toilets, door handles, EC devices, seats and tables
  • lnform guests about disinfectant dispensers
  • Only those persons for whom the general contact restriction in accordance with the current legal Situation does not apply in relation to each other, may move into an accommodation unit (room) together!
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the rooms after departure
  • Employees must wear a mouth-nose cover at all times
  • Guest data such as name, telephone number, time and date must be recorded at check-in and automatically destroyed after one month.